This auction ended on 12/3/2022.

Southern Georgia Antique Tractor Auction Day 2

Aumann Auctions 110 items

This is a truly unique collection from four great collectors with over 180 lots between the locations. If your collection needs John Deere High Crop tractors look no farther, or if you want to start your collection, there are tractors for you too! Low production models to the more common tractors, tractors for the red collector, green collector and a few of the less common colors as well. Totally show ready to projects that need some TLC and assembly. Don't miss this opportunity, especially if you are in the southern United States, to take care of that special someone on your Christmas list!

Aumann Auctions

1431 GA-520, Weston, GA 31832, USA
  1. December 2, 2022 6:00 PM
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